‘Oh Well’

June 5, 2011

Can I come Daddy? I was just about to leave for a quick session when I heard Ambur’s plea. I looked at the wife and the shrug of the shoulders said so much…(Go on, you’ve always wanted them to go fishing and when they ask, you don’t take them!)

Reasonably I explained that the tides were all wrong, it was raining and I was only trying out a new spot just to tick it off the list. But ‘oh well’ was the only response. With angel eyes I was also reasonably told that tomorrow was training day at the school (again!!) and she didn’t have to get up early in the morning.

With a daughters intuition she was already up the stairs grabbing  her coat and shoes before I was able to say ‘ come on then get your coat and shoes…’ and  soon we were  in the car heading towards my chosen mark. If I am being honest I was in two minds where to fish but in the end we chose the nearer of the two.

The wipers were on intermittent as we pulled up into the car park but we had to wait till the end of her favourite song on the radio before this intrepid duo set out on our mission. With excitement we rounded the corner only to discover the spot we wanted to fish was a floating raft of weed slowly rocking in the quiet motion of the waves waiting for the tide to turn. Undeterred we walked further along until we found a gap that would allowed us to fish close-in with our squid and crab baits.

On our way we stumbled across three dead smoothhounds that due to being close to a public slipway, I felt had been dumped after being caught further out at sea. What a bloody waste if that was the case. I read somewhere that the greatest gift you can give to an angler is to put back your catch for a chance of them to catch it again. I agree but it’s not only us anglers that would benefit from such a gift.

I digress. Soon we were fishing more in hope than expectation. The late evening had turned cold and the rain was getting heavier as the fading light slipped from the horizon. I happened to look across at Ambur just as she was pulling her hood further down over her forehead to stop the rain running down her face,  ‘You could have been all tucked up in bed now all nice and cosy’. ‘I know’ was her reply ‘ but I much prefer being here with you Daddy,’ before giving me a rain-soaked kiss and a hug.

It didn’t matter that we never got a bite apart from the three suicidal crabs that were determined to cling on to our baits, it also didn’t matter that the wind picked up and it certainly didn’t matter that the trip was shortened due to it getting colder than we had expected. Our walk back to the car was special, full of excited talk that I hope will never leave us both as we continue to grow older.

And to think I nearly let that moment pass me by.

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