Like soft rain falling

June 15, 2012

The lure darted through the clear water as the sea was calming down due to an unexpected break in the weather. A couple of hours with the spinning rod was the plan. A few more rods joined me as the offshore wind was pushing the sea into an artificial smoothness. I went through an array of plugs and softs but soon got the feeling that it still wasn’t quite right.

The other rods who had turned out with high hopes that the mackerel may have regrouped, departed sooner than I’d expected so it was  just me and the now slowly ebbing tide. I sat just watching the water for any signs of life quite content with the apparent lack of action until I noticed to my right a small shoal of school bass slowly approaching. The shoal grew larger as it approached and appeared to be playing on the surface as the numerous gulls who were also watching the spectacle, made no attempt to gather any escaping fry.

It was then I noticed that the wind had almost dropped to nothing and the shoal was making a noise like soft rain falling on a still summers evening – it really was an amazing sight and sound. I don’t believe the largest would have made 1/2 lb and I made no attempt to disturb their fun time as I was just happy to watch and observe their natural behaviour.

Fishing for me is not always about catching, which is just as well, but it is also about watching nature and witnessing spectacles that for many have neither the patience, nor the inclination to see.

2 Responses to “Like soft rain falling”

  1. Luddy said

    Wonderful post. Sometimes when I accompany my husband out for some freshwater fishing, I don’t even fish, just sit in the boat or by the water, listening and watching.

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