A scattering of Mackerel

August 22, 2015

Typing this annoyed as I should have returned from another trip this morning, but woke up and then fell asleep dreaming that I was up and getting ready to go. The reason for the planned early trip was that I went out last evening for another attempt and managed to bag a few Mackerel.

But it was a frustrating trip as when they appeared they were very few in number, almost an apology for a shoal, and the weed made any form of presentation impossible. Eventually I found an area that was free of weed and managed to hook up a further two to join my earlier catch and a Scad also joined the bait bag.

I’m hoping to go back out tonight but the weather is already looking doubtful and if I do I will revert back to the small 8ft bushwacker and braid set-up as I’m not enjoying the sponginess of mono and my wrists are killing me this morning!

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