Still chasing

June 25, 2016

This morning I had a great trip, in fact one of my best but I’ll quickly update on the last few months first.

I really considered fishing for carp this year and spent the spring looking at a local water I used to fish many years ago as a teenager. The old magic was still there and so were the carp but it had a tremendous weed problem. Now this would normally be a good thing as it keeps anglers off the water but this was really bad and up until May there were perhaps only 2 or 3 fishable areas so I decided against joining just yet.

June is normally time to start my bass fishing but over the last few years it has proved to be pointless, but old habits die hard so I have already done a couple of trips with no results – although a strange dropped run has kept my enthusiasm levels topped up. In recent years all my recognised marks have turned off and when I’ve had limited success the times have all changed as well, and I’m not alone as this seems to be a trend amongst other bass anglers I have spoken to.

Only last week I was saying in a local tackle shop that I’m now chasing rather than waiting for the bass by trying new marks and times, and perhaps I should just stick to my old ways? So this morning saw me trying a new ‘old’ mark, at a new time just to see what was there!

Usual tactics were deployed with mackerel close in, but the quality of the mackerel was appalling with the flanks pulling straight through the hook, so big head and tails were used as they didn’t come off! The tide was just on the turn when I had a small run. I was almost shocked as it really wasn’t expected but I failed to connect and put it down to a small schoolie, but it was encouraging. About an hour later I was just getting the rod into position after placing the bait when I noticed the line had pulled tight before I had chance to set the freespool, inevitably the extra tension resulted in another dropped run.

Wow, this doesn’t normally happen to me, two runs on a newish mark, in June?  I made the decision that if I should get another run I will let it develop longer and see what happens. Perhaps 20 minutes passed when I felt and watched the line start to move from left to right, it passed right in front of me and continued for about 20ft when I engaged the spool. There was a moment when we were both confused but sure enough it was hooked, so it decided to take a leisurely run putting a nice curve into the rod. I could see the bass and realised it was a good one, but the fight was easily controlled so it wasn’t long until it was beached.

After all these years I still shake like a teenager in front of a girl when I land a large bass but she was quickly unhooked and measured at 28″.  Unfortunately, and for my second successive bass capture my camera failed to work; I can’t express how frustrated I was at my ineptitude for continuing to have faith in a camera that after 16 odd years clearly doesn’t want to work anymore, but to happen now was painful. Very painful.

Anyhow I have now found a mark that fishes at low and could potentially throw up a huge surprise later in the year – and I can’t wait.

NB, BASS Society length to weight scale 28″ approx. 9lbs









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